The Audio City Assassin's Guild.

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Re: The Audio City Assassin's Guild.

Post by vivialyn14 on Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:03 pm

It is time to sharpen up your blades, Assassins. I have some contracts for you.

The aim of the game is to assassinate as many people as you can. PM me to sign yourself up to the Assassin's Guild and I will assign you a contract. To kill someone, you need to sandwich your target's post between two of yours. For example:

niipaan: I looooove soup.
Dylan: Bow down to me!
niipaan: no thanks.

- in this instance, Dylan has been assassinated. PM me the link to the thread, and I shall check it and nod Britishly.

You will be notified if/when you are assassinated, but at that point you are no longer allowed to talk about the game or tell people you were assassinated or who assassinated you.

Everyone that signs up will be up for assassination. Last assassin standing will win.

You will receive 10 tickets for each successful kill and 30 if you are the last one standing.

Once you make a successful kill, you will be given someone else from the list.

This game is played across the whole of the Audio City forum.

Good luck.





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