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Post by Garnet on Mon Apr 28, 2014 2:26 pm

Genre Roulette

What is it?
It's like Russian Roulette, but with Genres instead of themes, and no guns involved tongue.gif
Each week each contestant will randomly be given a genre from the wheel of 40 below.
You MAY get the same one more than once during the comp.
There's a certain amount of leniency as to what fits the genres. Mostly if a song is labelled somewhere as fitting the theme be it amazon, wikipedia, or istore, we'll usually allow it as long as it's close.

Genre Roulette Wheel:
user posted image

You will be required to produce one song every week fitting the genre you're given.
Finale will be three songs.

Submissions must be sent either as an e-mail attachment in MP3 form, or as a link to a file sharer such as box. Links to youtube videos, soundcloud, and other hosts such as vimeo are NOT admissible and will be rejected.

Send auditions and subs throughout the course of the competition to:

Eliminations and judging:
Judges for Genre Roulette are Garnet and Niipaan!

We will use standard judging. No points.
We listen to your songs, provide feedback, and rank them top to bottom in terms of which we felt were the best.
There will usually be just one elimination per week, but there may be multiple eliminations in earlier rounds depending on how many auditions we receive.

Show length:
Genre roulette hopes to run for 7 rounds including a finale.
Auditions close May 5th, which means a projected finale date of June 24th (with a two week break after the semi-final for the finale)

Due dates:
Subs will be due on TUESDAYS at 23:59pm EST.
The show will be recorded and aired on WEDNESDAYS.

Send ANY old or new COMPLETE song with backtrack to by 23:59pm EST on May 5th

Thank you!


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