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Post by Garnet on Sun May 11, 2014 4:57 pm

Sea Otters:

user posted image - Ertie and Bertie
user posted image - Flirty
user posted image - Shirty
user posted image - Quirky
user posted image - Thirty

River Otters:

user posted image - Sappy
user posted image - Fatty
user posted image - Nappy
user posted image - Happy
user posted image - Scrappy
user posted image - Bob

Otterly Amazing Teaser SiO2-1st_zps833ade97Otterly Amazing Teaser NSFH-Winner_zps09010373Otterly Amazing Teaser Firstplace-timeaftertime_zps5053e986Otterly Amazing Teaser Firstplace-cyd3_zps6e4addfdOtterly Amazing Teaser CarnivalMarch14_zpsb24817bcOtterly Amazing Teaser Se7en3judge_zps7387e5c5Otterly Amazing Teaser GRjudge_zps8bfe4f78Otterly Amazing Teaser OAjudge_zpsc793ed73Otterly Amazing Teaser Pages-Judge_zpscfb9773dOtterly Amazing Teaser Greek-judge_zps14f74b49

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