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Post by ValkyrieCeles on Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:24 am

Are You a Gambling Man?
A Final Fantasy VI/III Radio Play
Mixed by: ValkyrieCeles
Written by: ValkyrieCeles
Based on a Fanfiction by: ValkyrieCeles



Setzer Gabbiani invites many aristocrats onto his famed airship, the Blackjak for poker games. But will he be able to get what he truly desires from Mr. Alani, the Jeweler from Jidor? This little game of chance may end up costing him everything…or giving him what he desires.
[NOTE: You don’️t have to know the characters of FF6/any plot or anything about the game to enjoy this radioplay. It takes place pre-game, hense before any plot really uh, matters XD]


Setzer Gabbiani: Gavaroc
Mr. Alani: Russ
Extras and Walla/Crowd ambiance: ValkyrieCeles

Music Credits:

Setzer’️s Theme – The Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack
Kids Run Through the City (Town Theme) - The Final Fantasy VI Piano Collection


Final Fantasy III/Vi is owned by Squaresoft/SquareEnix. I own nothing! …Except the Extras and original characters XD


A big thank you to my amazing cast: This is a dream come true! I have wanted to adapt this fanfiction for about 3 years now, so I sincerely thank you both for being a part of this production. And to the listeners: I hope you enjoy!

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