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Post by Saigo on Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:40 am

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With Wires and Circuits: the Third coming soon, I feel it necessary to remind everyone just why this show was as awesome as it was, and why you didn't need to have much knowledge of video games to take part! As such, here is a compilation of some of the best tracks from Season Two, which took place last fall, 2013. rrifandub joined me for this season, and we had a lot of fun!


Track Listing://
001://"1000% Love" -- Reuben Shion
002://"BubbleGloop Swamp" -- Druox the Shredder
003://"Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday" -- Karley Tufo
004://"Collective Consciousness" -- Devonte "Dizzy" Clark
005://"Hacking To The Gate" -- Jason Norris
006://"Hell Frozen Rain" -- Reuben Shion
007://"It Doesn't Matter!" -- Devonte "Dizzy" Clark
008://"Lavender Town Theme" -- GeddyPasto
009://"Let's Go Away!!" -- Druox the Shredder
010://"Mushroom Kingdom Theme Parody" -- GeddyPasto
011://"Pollyanna" -- GeddyPasto
012://"Tetris Theme" -- Vladibear
013://"There Aint No Rest For The Wicked" -- Reuben Shion/Vladibear
014://"Will The Circle Be Unbroken?" -- Karley Tufo
015://"Pokemon Theme" -- Vladibear

I hope you will all consider auditioning for the next season when it is open, and I hope you enjoy this compilation! Thanks for listening!


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