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Re: Stageworks: Season 1 [auditions Open]

Post by KibatheKute on Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:10 am

Welcome to...

What is StageWorks?

StageWorks is a broadway acting-singing competition based around the Survivor-team aspect. Basically, competitors will audition separately and then be put into two teams. Each week, teams will go through a challenge where they will have to complete a scene and song from a musical given from the theme.

i.e. The Red Team gets Scene A while the Blue Team gets Scene B from "Shrek: the Musical". Both teams must decide who does what task (mixing, separating parts, acting, etc.)

Everyone will be singing the song, how you separate, it is up to you. Usually, the scenes will be made for the amount of teammates on each team, so don't worry about doubling up on parts.

After each week, the vote is up to YOU. The teams. Whichever team we felt won will be immune and no one will have to be eliminated. But the team that is under scrutiny will have to vote on who should be eliminated based on their work that week.

i.e. The Red Team and Blue Team both send their finished projects to the desired location, then in a private message before the listen, must list who they would vote for IF in the bottom and WHY.

The Red Team is in the bottom that week. Everyone voted member A because of lack of presence or work. Majority rules, member A is sent home.

How do you audition?
  • Send your auditions to Since I am currently finishing up SINGled Out, Season 1 and Rock of Ages, I won't be closing auditions until the middle of Rock of Ages.
  • Your audition song can either be new or old; as long as it hasn't been shown in Rock of Ages or SINGled Out. Of course, that'll be hard since both have rarely dipped into the aspect of theatre.
  • The song MUST have a backing track in your audition. No a cappella auditions will be accepted. This is to hear how you would fair IN a mixing situation and what not.
  • Teams will be decided after receiving all auditions. If we receive a surplus of auditions, then we will have to eliminate people.
  • Each week you will receive a callback if you are safe. So consider making it into the show your first callback.

With me on the judging panel will be my good friend, WaltzingClown!

We cannot wait to hear your awesome auditions!
Start sending in if you think you'll have free time!

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