It Takes Two The Podcast!

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It Takes Two The Podcast!

Post by Axeldin on Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:47 pm

So I set up sign ups for It Takes Two season 2. Sadly not many people signed up, but I still loved the aspect of the show bring people together to duet. So I decided I would change it into a podcast. Basically I will make a theme and people will sign up if they wish to join the theme. I will then take those people who want to join and randomize them into duet partners. These duet partners will then have two weeks to come up and record a song that will be featured in the episode. There is not competition and no judging. Just a show where we can get together and do duets with people we may not have gotten to duet with. It will be a come and go type of show so just message me (Skype or pm) if you are interested in being apart of it and we can have fun!

So to start this off the first theme will be something simple. You will be singing Pop songs. It can be any type of pop song; Bubblegum pop, K-pop, etc. Just message me (if I don't have your Skype tell me so I can add you to the group chat) that way we can get together and discuss future themes and song choices if you need help with them. A date will be decided when we get a few people to sign up. This will also be a come and go type of show. So if there is a theme you wish to not be apart of or if you get really busy in life you don't have to feel obligated to sign up each time a new theme is picked.

For those who signed up for the competition show just replay to this topic if you still would like to be in it

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Re: It Takes Two The Podcast!

Post by Roro on Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:49 pm

Ahhhhh I thought the auditions for It Takes Two were still going Sad

But now that this is up, I think I may have time between my classes to do this Very Happy
Expect a message on Skype from me later



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