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Post by ValkyrieCeles on Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:34 am

Valk here with some more fanfics - this time Sailor Moon ones.  This is a drabble series I've been writing lately with my favorite couple so basically...romance and goofy times XD I've been trying to work on my descriptive writing for scene setup, plot progression etc recently, so I wanted to post here for feedback - so the first two fics will be less descriptive, the other two underneath it will be what I've been practicing today with more descriptive stuff.  Lemme know if you see a diff, or have any suggestions fellow writers/readers!

Some termonology from the Sailor Moon-verse, otherwise you don't need to know much about the characters, etc:

- Senshi = Sailor Scout in the American dub, but Senshi=soldier or warrior.  Sailor Senshi = Sailor Soldier, for example.
-  They uh, die a lot and get reincarnated a lot, so any reference to that is in that regard.
- Ginzishou = Imperium Silver Crystal, Silver Crystal, aka really buff crystal Sailor Moon uses to be super buff and that every badguy wants.
- Other characters stated are: Ami/Sailor Mercury, and Rei/Sailor Mars. Kunzite and Jadeite are Tuxedo Mask's former, brainwashed evil Generals that turn good and evil...a lot in the fanfic world XD
- Silver Millennium = The era that takes place before the main story of Sailor Moon, about 1000 years prior. Every main character, Generals included, have a history/were reincarnated from this era.
- And that's about it!  

FANFICS agogo!


Minako rushed down the streets of Tokyo in its  busiest hours.  She ignored the angry shouts and glares she was getting, she had somewhere to be, and she was already running late!  The young woman only slowed her pace when she was nearly hit by a turning car.  

“Mina-chan!” a voice called from her heel.  “Slow down or you’ll get hurt!”
“Can’t Artemis, got somewhere to be ten minutes ago!”

She darted around a corner, losing her feline friend.  

“Wha?” the cat skidded to a halt.  “Oh Minako, what am I going to do with you?”

She finally stopped in front of a nearly abandoned café.  Pulling out her phone, she surfed its contents for a text she had received earlier.  Finding it, she smiled, read it, then shoved her phone back into her pocket.  

The Senshi of Love and Beauty had been through many things:  Death, rebirth, death…again, but nothing was as serious as this moment, not even entrance exams were as important as what was going to happen next, if her hunch was correct.

“Well, better to face your problems with the glass brimming over I guess,” she comforted herself before walking into the establishment.

As she suspected, the café was nearly empty.  In fact, all who remained in the building were employees and…her eyes stopped when she saw a business man sitting at a table far into the corner, and out of view.  He’d look normal to any other customer probably: people would just assume, that his silver hair was dyed.  But she knew that stature, that poise, that air.  It was him, she thought.  But how?  She braced herself for the encounter and walked over to him.

“May I join you?”

He looked up from his newspaper and nodded, then returned to his reading.

“How’d you get my number?”

She crossed her arms.

“Well next time you see him tell him not to give my number out to strange men.”
“Am I strange?”
“You would have been if you hadn’t said who you were in your text.  Clever clues you dropped there.”
“I do think ‘Kun Zight’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you?”

She huffed and pinned him with a glare.

“It’s exactly the same as Kunzite you goof!”
“But spelt differently.”
“It’s not clever, and I’m not that stupid!  You could have left any number of clues that weren’t so obvious!”
“True.  But I thought you’d find the obvious far more humorous.  I take it you didn’t, from your reaction.”

By now, he had his eyes right on her.  Minako deflated, then started to laugh…very loudly.  Even he couldn’t withhold the chuckle and gleam in his eye.  

The two finally quieted after some time.  

Minako looked at him seriously.

“So, you’re back.”
“The Ginzishou?”

He shook his head.

“Ah, Endymion, then.”
“The others are back too, I take it?”
“They are.”
“Hmm…” she twirled a strand of hair around her finger.  He couldn’t help but watch as she did so.
“Well, welcome back to the 21st century.  Been a few years.”
“Uh, thank you?”

She snorted.

“That look on your face is priceless.”
“I…wasn’t expecting that response, is all.”
“It’s not the one I’d like to give, but we’re in a public place, so.”

His face fell.

“Four years.”

He quirked an eyebrow.

“Four years ago you killed me for the second time.  I’ve died a lot after that, but none of them hurt as much as when you did it.”

His breath hitched in his throat.  It’s what he had expected from her, and he had deserved no less.  But hearing her say it brought back fears he thought had been vanquished a long time ago.  Kunzite took a deep breath and clutched his paper harder than he had been doing so before.

“Minako, I—“
“It hurt so much, because I loved you, Kunzite.”

She smiled.

“I always have, and I always will.  I…need time, but I will heal, and we’ll be together again.  Forever, hopefully.  If that’s alright with you,” she winked.

He hid his face behind his paper so he could smile broader than he ever had before.  Newly composed, he put his current shield on the table and looked at her fully.

She still looked as he remembered her: sunkissed golden hair, sparkling eyes filled with life, beautiful pale skin…and the air of a woman ready to do anything for the ones she loved.  She looked older, now, then when he had last saw her, but that only added to her beauty.  

“Want a picture?  I can give you one.”
“If you’d be so kind.”
“This incarnation of you is cheeky.  I like it.”
“Glad you do.”

Minako stifled a laugh.  Kunzite looked at her questioningly.

“Rei is going to destroy Jadeite.  Want to get a quick bite and head over to Hikawa Shrine to see?”
“Think of it as Minako bonding time?”

He stifled a laugh this time.

“Alright.  Sounds fine to me.”

They ordered, ate, then left.  While they were walking down the street, Minako peered up at him.

“So, what’s your name now?”
“Kunzite.  Always Kunzite to you, Minako.”


Sailor Venus stood tall and proud as her fellow Senshi stood behind her, in a united front.  This would be their last stand against the Dark Kingdom, and they were determined to make it a memorable one.  Their beloved Princess stayed in the middle of their formation, as was custom by now.  They would protect her no matter what, Venus would make sure of it.  The five stopped before a man hovering over them.  As expected, Venus thought.  He’d never come unprepared.

“Are you ready to surrender the Ginzishou?” the hovering man sneered.  His emerald irises now a demonic shade of gray.
“Never!” one of Venus’ sisters called.  “We’ll die before we let the Ginzishou fall into your hands!”

His eyes scanned the combatants with an analytical air.  They landed on her, and stayed a bit longer than they should have.

She could have sworn she saw his eyes flicker back to the hue she was so accustomed to.

But in an instant, they returned back to their vile color.  He charged his attack, as did she.

“Get her out of here!” she cried.  “Now!”

Her sisters knew that tone; it was an order, not a request.  Without a moment to lose, the remaining three Senshi shuffled their Princess away from the oncoming battle.  All Venus heard as they moved further away, were Serenity’s shouts of protestation and tears of grief.  Venus closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, readying herself.

“I’m sorry, Serenity,” she whispered.  

Her eyes opened, no longer filled with sorrow, or grief: but with determination.  She was not going to lose this fight.  Unfortunately, she knew, neither was he.

She looked up at her foe one last time.


She took a step back in shock.

“You do remember.”
“I do.  It changes nothing.”

He held his energy attack between his hands, ready for it to strike at a moment’s notice.  She did the same, a beam of light poised on her fingertips, itching to hit its mark.

“Nothing,” his eyes flickered to emerald once more.  “I still love you, but…”
“I still must die, right?” the ghost of a smile painted her lips. “Millennia hasn’t changed you a bit, my dear.”

It was his turn to smirk.

“The same for you.”
“I do wish that our time apart could have changed our fate, however.”
“As do I, my love.”

They both merely stood for moments oh so priceless to them, staring at one another, conveying their every thought, every feeling into their gazes.  

The moment, was not meant to last.

In unison, the duo threw their attacks at one another.  Impact was inevitable.

“No!”  Her fleeing sisters cried.  “Mina-chan, Mina-chan!”  

Serenity tried to claw her way out of Jupiter’s grasp, but it was no use.  

“Mina-chan!  V-chan!  No…” she collapsed in the taller Senshi’s arms and sobbed mercilessly.

Venus and Kunzite lay in a heap of broken limbs and battered bodies.  Somehow, they had found their way into one another’s arms.  

“Kunzite,” Sailor Venus said, barely above a whisper.  
“Yes, Venus?” he responded in kind.
“Next time…we’re reborn,” she closed her eyes.  This next breath was going to be her last.  “I hope…we don’t have to kill each other.”

That half-smile he reserved only for her, in every lifetime reemerged onto his face.

“As do I Princess.  As do I.”

With that, her head fell onto his shoulder.  No longer breathing, and yet, still so beautiful to him.

The last thing he did, was stroke her golden hair.  Then, he too, fell lifeless.

Living Space

The apartment was clean.  The bookshelves were filled with books, all organized by author, date of release, and genre.  The kitchen counter didn’t have a speck of dust on it; in fact, it didn’t even look like it had been used.  The only sign of a person living there was a single coffee mug sitting next to the sink, presumably waiting to be washed.  A plant next to the couch, a few magazines neatly stacked on the coffee table,  a remote next to the magazines, and a pristine white door leading to what was probably an equally as neat bedroom…yes, someone did live here indeed.  But who?

In answer, a key jostled the door open and in walked a tall man.  He looked seemingly normal:  tone body, pale skin, green eyes.  If not for his head of long silver hair, he’d look like the general public.  Beside him, a woman who only came up to the bottom of his shoulder: her hair equally as long as his, only golden.  Her sky blue eyes scanned the apartment.  She looked to her companion and quirked an eyebrow.

“This is your place?”
“Indeed it is,” he placed his keys on the coffee table, next to the remote.  “Would you like something to drink?  I can make tea.”

Her lip quirked at that statement.  He sighed, hung up his coat, then said.

“Is there something wrong with me being able to make tea Minako?”
She shrugged.  “I guess not.  No, I take that back.  There is!  Since when do you make tea?”
“Since I live where making tea is common knowledge?”

She plopped on the couch and thumbed through the magazines.  After she was done examining their titles, she turned on the television.

“I’m used to Kunzite in the Silver Millennium.  This is all just, really weird to me.  Sorry.”

He had moved to the kitchen now and was readying the tea leaves for the teapot on his stove.

“Quite alright.  I…find it odd, as well.  Adjusting to this era has been a very interesting experience.”
“Oh?” Minako turned her attention from the television program, to him.  “Like what?”
“Do you take sugar or cream?”
“Both.  Like what, Kunzite?”
“Would you like something to eat, as well?”

His back was turned to her as he opened the cabinets of his pantry, diverting his attention to deciding what snack to prepare for the golden goddess.  She caught on to his strategy: she was the leader of the Senshi, for a reason, and was not going to fall for it.  She got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen, wrapping her arms around his waist.  He tensed, then, in resignation, he turned to face her.  She grinned.

“Tell me a story about how it was hard for you to adjust here silly.  It doesn’t have to be anything too embarrassing.”
“It’s all embarrassing.”
“Oh, well…story swap?” she leaned into him.  “I’ve got plenty of embarrassing stories, myself.  What’s life if you can’t fall on your face a few times and laugh about it later?”

She motioned her delicate hands to the now steaming pot of tea on the stovetop.

“Come on, it’ll be fun.  Tea and tales with the Goddess of Love!”
“Is that what we’re calling this?” he took her motioning hand into his and cracked his trademark half-smile.
“Yes, we are.  Now get everything ready pronto!”

Minako reclaimed her hand and twirled over to the kitchenette’s dining table.  Her hair flourished around her, a curtain of gold that shimmered in the sunlight that beamed through the window.  Kunzite thought it was one of the reincarnated Senshi’s more graceful moments, until…

“Ow!  Who’s bright idea was it to put a wall there?  Erg!”

Kunzite poured their tea and put it on the table.

“On second thought, my stories don’t seem that embarrassing after all.  Now which to tell…”


“Can you see anything?”
“No, nothing.”
“Why not!?  You’re taller!”
“There’s a tree right in front of us.”
“Then look past it!”
“I’m taller than you, not the tree, Minako.”

Huddled behind a large oak in the middle of the forestry of the Hikawa shrine were two of the Earth’s fiercest leaders.  One, the General of the Terran forces once upon a time.  The other, the leader of the Lunarian Forces, past and present.  The two usually sent their foes running for the hills upon first glance, but if their enemies  saw them now…they’d probably laugh, take a picture of this odd sight and walk away to show it to their fellow villains.  For the sight being seen in Hikawa Shrine today, was a 19 year-old college student attempting to spy on one of her closest friends behind one of the Shrine’s largest oak trees, while standing behind her slightly older love she had recently reunited with a few hours prior over lunch.  She was using both Kunzite, and the tree for cover against any spies spying on her spying attempts, while failing miserably at pin-pointing her intended targets.  The more human, not leafy shield she was currently using, turned to face her, and exasperated look on his face.

“It’s been an hour.  I believe they aren’t going to have this squabble today, so why don’t we go somewhere else.”
“What?  No way!  I ditched class for thi—“
“You what?” he glared at her disapprovingly.  She had the decency to look just a tad guilty, and turned away.
“Don’t look at me like that.  I…I really wanted to see what was gonna happen, ok?  And it was just one of those boring general Ed classes, who needs those if you’re going to be a famous Idol one day!”
“The University puts them there for a reason, Minako.”
“Yeah, to be booooring,” she rolled her eyes.

He took her arm and started to drag her away from their hiding place.

“Hey!  What are you doing!?”
“Taking you to your school.  You aren’t going to fail on my watch.”
“Ack!  What are you, Ami-chan mach 2?” she pulled against his hold and whined.  “Just a feeeew more minutes?”
“No Minako.  We’re leaving no—“

The General stopped in his tracks as he spotted a blond haired man dart through the clearing they were just focused on.  Minako looked over at the man too, and smirked.  She looked up at Kunzite with a smug look on her face.  She mouthed the words ‘I told you so!’ to him before refocusing on the scene unravelling before them.

The man franticly looked for another pathway to follow.  His eyes darted back and forth, back and forth until he spotted something.  He hastily sped down the route he had chosen to take, disappearing from view.

Shortly after the man had disappeared, a raven-haired beauty ran into view.  But this wasn’t just any raven-haired beauty:  It was Sailor Mars.  Senshi of Passion and War.  The look on her face, however, made it clear to the couple that the ladder path was on her mind.  The Senshi arched her hands, as if she was holding a bow, and formed an arrow of flames, pointing it at the multitude of pathways.

“Where are you Jadeite!” she hollered.  “You can run but you can’t hide from me!”

She noticed the retreating couple.  Narrowing her eyes, she pointed her weapon at Kunzite.

“You’re back too?  Great, I bet all of you are back, aren’t you!  That idiot Mamoru!”
“R-Rei-chan, uh—“
“And you’re ok with this, aren’t you!?” her voice had reached a shrill resonance by now and it was hard for Minako to not cover her ears.  “Aren’t you!?”
“Erm, if I say no will you not kill us?”
“Well, if I tell you where Jadeite went, can we talk about this later?”

Mars lowered her Flame Sniper to consider this option.  With a nod of her head as her consent, Minako pointed to the path the blond General had fled down.  Without a moment’s hesitation, Sailor Mars galloped after her prey.

“Phew,” Minako released the breath she was holding.  “Close call.”
“You do realize you just sold out one of my men?”

With her thumb and index finger, she formed a gun with her free hand.  

“It’s either him or us baby,” she used her best Yakuza impersonation.  “Gotta pick your battles and make up with them both with baked goods at a later date.”

Kunzite laughed.

“You are very different from Princess Venus.”
“Very different and very lovable.”

She looked up at him from under her eyelashes.

“Loveable enough to not take to school?”

He turned her so she was facing the street.  They walked down it arm in arm.

“No, not that loveable.”

She pouted.

“Party pooper."

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