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Post by Turtle on Sat Dec 06, 2014 5:06 pm

I lost this somewhere and it took a bit of struggle to recover it. But I hope you guys enjoy.


Once upon a time there was a girl who only ever chased the starlight
Once upon a time there was a boy who only ever chased the sunlight
She was shrouded in endless dark and he within incessant light
The two were always at the opposite ends of each other
One followed the sunset, one followed sunrise

Always pushing the night, always pushing the light in a continuous motion
They were those who propelled the planet as fast as they could
for the longest time they were not aware of the other
or rather the case was that in their own pursuits
they had forgotten about the other

They both had roles to play, and there was an agreement
They were supposed to work with each other
A dark worker and a light worker,
each to their own
but as one

There was at some point a conflict where the other pushed faster than the other
They disrupted the pace of motion the planet was spinning in
and tragically both sides blamed the other

It was sad to see because they were both each other's twin
and deep down they loved each other
in their own ways they loved
dark love, light love

They had forgotten about the agreement
They had forgotten about the promise to each other.

They forgot, they forgot, they forgot
They forgot, they forgot, they forgot
They forgot, they forgot, they forgot

Both Dark and light must respect each other
Everything must be how it was in the olden days in equality
Never push faster than the other, never halting or hindering, and as well as sabotaging
Light and dark need to stop blaming the other and trying to outdo each other and bring back the unity
The boy and the girl are in love with each other
So its only right to let them find each other and let them conjoin as one
For them to search and find that the small pieces of themselves found in the other 
And from there the boy and girl, dark and light must practice forgiveness and acceptance
It is completely essential to stop going back and forth and to start moving in a unit together as one 

The name of the game is duality,
do NOT make a game within another

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