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Post by Garnet on Sun Feb 23, 2014 3:47 pm

Hey all!

This is a quick news/announcement thread discussing the achievement systems we're going to have in place here at Audio City! All awards will be awarded to your profiles by staff!

Bricks are for larger-scale achievements. A set of achievements are going to be decided upon and Bricks will be made for each one so you can all build your own "wall" of achievement for in your signatures! Each brick will need to have the AC insignia and be 50x100px before it can be an official AC Achievement Brick!

Some examples of what may earn a brick:
Compete in X number shows without dropping
Win X number of shows.
Be in the finale of X number of shows.
Submit X number of songs to the B-sides.

These are 100x100px images and are awarded on an individual show/event basis! They are most commonly produced as small sets, where the judges and 1st/2nd/3rd place winners of shows each receive a badge that reflects their achievements in these events.

Badge Guidelines a show must meet in order to have a set of badges :
1) Can be either singing or voice acting!
2) Must be 5 rounds or more not including auditions (this may be subject to change).
3) Badges are usually awarded to the judges and however many people were in the finale up to a maximum of three (though four may be awarded in special circumstance).
4) Producers must apply to have a set of badges produced for their show using the application forum included in this thread. This can be submitted as a reply here or in AC or Skype PM to Garnet.

Badge Application Form:
Show Name:
Producer Name:
Judge Names:
How many rounds will/has your show had?:
How many finalists?:


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