Songs Melody Has Sung (sometimes W/ Other People)

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Songs Melody Has Sung (sometimes W/ Other People) Empty Re: Songs Melody Has Sung (sometimes W/ Other People)

Post by musicalnotes247 on Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:54 pm

Hrm. So I realized the other day that I've never posted any of my songs before. Ever. So this is me...posting stuff that I've sung?


[2012] (aka when Melody didn't have a proper mic - BEWARE OF THE JANK)

Zero to Hero:
Round 2: I Am the Best (2NE1)

Animation Sensation (Season 3):
Round 1: Adventure Time - I'm Not Your Problem (Marceline)
Round 3: Get It Together (India.Arie) - Thing I sang while sick

The Arena (Season 1):
Round 3: Glamorous (Fergie)* - Another thing I sang when I was sick

*re-mixed after this episode because the original layers got messed up


The Gauntlet:
1968: (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding w/ Axel (ft. whistling by my friend Domo)
1993?: Animaniacs Theme Song w/ Axel & Kasidy

Broken Record Stand:
Friday (Rebecca Black) - Acoustic Cover

It Takes Two:
Round 1: Little Talks (Of Monsters and Men) w/ Dizzy
Round 4: Break Down Here (Julie Roberts) w/ Dylan
Round 5: Ordinary People (John Legend) w/ Saigo

2013 VHMAs:
VHMA Nominated A-Pop Artists - Fantastic Baby (BIG BANG) w/ Nayami, Crystine, & Valk

Lovefool (The Cardigans) - as per request of the lovely Turtle


The Voice (Season 2)*:
Audition Round: Lips of An Angel (Hinder) - Piano Cover**
Round 1: Gucci Gucci (Kreayshawn)
Battle Round: Disaster (Jojo) - Gavin Mikhail Ver.
Round 3: Don't Let Me Get Me (P!nk)
Round 4: Untouchable (T-Swiz- I mean, Taylor Swift)
Semi-Finale: Over My Head (The Fray) - Piano Ver.
Finale: Stay (Rihanna)

*the season started in 2013 but finished in 2014
**originally sung on The One Hour Episode but redid it to audition for The Voice.

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