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Post by zain on Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:01 am

Hi everyone I'm back with a brand new singing competition this time its going to be different. This competition will be using traditional sporting brackets. So how this show will work everyone will be sending in an audition and it will be rated by 2 different judges which every song will be rated by 10 out of 10 for the whole thing.

As people audition there is going to be a leader board which will list all of the names of the people who audition plus there overall it will look something like this

Leader Board

1. John Doe 20
2. Jane Doe 18

Depending on how many people audition for the show there might actually be a cut off of how many people we can have in the tourney. If there is a small number of people everyone will make the tournament and the leader board will;l be used for seeding.


To audition all you have to do is send us a song it can either be new or previously recorded.

During the Competition

During each round of the bracket the competitors will be able to pick what ever song they what to do, since we want everyone at there best.

If you want you can send in a song that have prerecorded before but if you do this will be docked 10 points on your final score. If a song you have just done for the competition and if gets flagged as a resub and it isn't then it can be challenged and will be reviewed.

Also please don't do a resub and say that its a new song when it isn't becuase we have ways of finding out the truth mahahahaha,

Alright so since I have covered the basis of the competition.

To audition please send all your submissions to and in mp3 format as well.

Also auditions will end on Sunday March 23rd at 11:59 pm est

so lastly have fun auditioning


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