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Post by Yu Xiang Kelvin on Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:24 pm

Hello. happy.gif In my free time, I like to write short stories. I have tried to write proper books but have not yet been able to pull it off... T-T Here's sharing some of my short stories and little pieces of writing... ^^" I'm a little embarrassed by them >w<

My Love (Written in 2010, by a 15-year-old Yu Xiang)

She looked down at his face, its delicate features ever so lovely. His fringe covered his right eye, hiding it from view, and the other lay invisible beneath his closed eyelids. She remembers how his captivating brown eyes had once looked at her with such intense love and care. Those eyes, who saw her pain and sorrow that she had kept hidden all these years, while everyone else only saw the strength and determination of the front that she had put up. Those soft, tender lips, that used to unite with her own...

She walked over and stared into the mirror, looking her reflection in the eye. She looked at how frail she had become. She had lost a lot of weight in the past few months, as she took up multiple jobs, desperate for the workload and exhaustion that would keep all other thoughts from her head. Yet every night she would lay wide awake on her bed, too tired to engage in any activity, yet unable to summon up the will to sleep. Every night, memories of his declaration crept back into her head, causing an unknown, monstrous emotion to grow deep within her.

She remembers the night before, that now felt like ages ago, where he had called her in the middle of the night, to take a stroll outside her house. She remembers walking in the accompaniment of the man she had thought hers, taking in the light fragrance of the flowers that bloomed and the brilliant glow of the moon. She looked into his eyes, far smaller, but their beauty beyond compare.

"I'm getting married tomorrow." was what he had said, each word piercing through her very soul and shattering her world into shades of gray. She had always considered him to be her man, even though he had never confessed his feelings for her. She knew he had feelings for her, she had been certain of it. She had not seen that coming. How did it happen? She could not accept it.

She looked at him once more, a smile spreading across her face. She embraced his lifeless body, a warm river of crimson red streaming down her wrist.

"My dear, if we are not to be in this world, I shall bring you where noone can ever break us apart."

Her vision blurs, as she collapses over him, their blood finding each other as she lost consciousness.

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