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Post by vivialyn14 on Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:20 am

Welcome to the Diving Contest!

The audience pile into the tent and take their seats surrounding the pool. There is a tall ladder and a diving board. A figure atop the diving board rolls their shoulders and takes a deep breath, ready to jump. How many somersaults can you do before you hit the water?

Five contestants will battle it out to achieve the best dive for the highest points. The judges? The audience! Sign up below to be a diving contestant:


When the spots have been filled, the contest will begin. The contestants must post, executing their dive. Get creative! Are you wearing a snazzy costume? Or maybe it is your signature lucky bikini.

When all of the contestants have posted, the audience must then post their scores for each diver out of ten. The scores will be added up and averaged (you can give decimal numbers in your score and these will be rounded up). As a contestant, you are not allowed to score other contestants.

A fee of five tickets is required to enter as a contestant. Scoring as contestants is free, but you will have until 11:59pm EST tonight (Thurs 20 March) to post your scores. *Please do not sign up to be a contestant if you cannot post your dive in adequate time for this deadline.*

The entry fee tickets will then be distributed accordingly to first and second place.

Good luck and have fun!





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