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Abstract Writing I've been doing lately~ Empty Abstract Writing I've been doing lately~

Post by ValkyrieCeles on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:21 am

I've been writing again lately and my writing of choice is fanfics XD These are for the fandom of Final Fantasy VI, but you don't have to have played the games to read these because they're really just small drabbles of scenes with characters. Only three so far, idk if I'll post more. Hope you enjoy!


“Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a bird?”

Celes cocked her head curiously at the statement.

“No, do you?”
“They’re so free. I’d imagine you would wonder what they’d be like.”
“Why would you imagine that?”
“A woman who looks as lonely as you do all the time must wonder how liberating it is to be as free as a bird.”

She flinched and drew back. It stung her: More than she realized it would. He took no notice and carried on.

“We could go somewhere far away, you know. Somewhere you could be free as a bird.”

He step towards her slowly, purposefully. She didn’t withdraw. He leaned closer to her ear and whispered all too temptingly.

“Just say the word, and I’ll take you wherever you wish to go. Just say the word, and you’ll be free from all of this. The Empire, the Returners; you’ll be free as a bird.”

She didn’t realize she had leaned closer with every word he spoke. She turned her head to reply in kind, not having to think twice.


His reply was not in words, but in the churning of an engine, and the ascent of an airship.



The stars danced in the night sky, ignoring every worry, ignoring every care. Stress was a manmade pain that they scoffed upon with vigor. Fear was trivial, stress was fruitless; all that mattered to the stars was the dance. A scarce few adopted this mindset, for stress was all that kept some going. But tonight, a duo was one with the stars as they danced with them underneath the moonlight. They giggled as children would as their bare feet flittered across the wet grass. They twirled, they dipped, they spun until they fell in a mess of limbs and giggles and chose to merely gaze up at the stars they so passionately emulated.

“Celes?” one said after a time.
“Yes Terra?”
“Do…do you think we’ll win?” she replied meekly.
Her companion thought for a long while before replying.

“Yes, we will.”

The green haired woman brightened and smiled at the pale haired one, grasping her in a tight embrace. The Queen of ice squeezed the half-espers arm warmly before motioning for her to stand.

“But let’s forget about all of that for tonight,” the Ex-General said. “For tonight, let’s just dance like we always do. Cares are so difficult to lose in these times, and I should like to lose ours for a bit longer before we return.”

Her companion nodded in agreement. Taking Celes’ hand, she began to dance under the starlight once more.

Red and white, light and dark, and fire and ice spun until they truly became one.

And on that night, they were the brightest star in the sky.


Real Me

Figaro was quiet at night. Too quiet. So quiet that the lack of city noise made it impossible for her to sleep. She was used to the loud noise of machines puffing smoke nearly every hour of every day: of the clashing of blades on the sparring ground, of the shouts of her comrades whilst they sparred…of the jovial laughter that floated from the recesses of the mess hall…and it was at that moment, that she realized she was home sick. How ironic, she thought. The one place she barely escaped with her life, she yearned to return to with a desire she thought was not possible for her to feel.

Her musings were too much for her to bear any longer and she rose from her bed, dawned the robe provided to her and ventured to explore the desert kingdom. There was not much of interest: Beautifully decorated halls, paintings of former monarchs, the sounds of an engine room. Not much to no—The sounds of an engine room? She thought. She traced her steps back to the noise and followed it down a flight of stairs. Down those stairs was a door: the door in which the noises were coming from. Without another thought she pushed the door open.

The room was filled with noise, beautiful noise to her ears. The sounds of steam working through gears, of cogs turning pieces of machinery. All of the sounds she had sorely missed from her home. She wasn’t expecting to find this treasure here: But she also wasn’t expecting, to find the King of Figaro sitting at a table near the engine, alone. Shocked, she couldn’t help speaking to him.

“Edgar?” she called softly, but her voice carried throughout the resonance of the nearly empty room.

He turned his head and smiled that boyish smile she had learned to expect from him.

“Ah milady, would you please sit down? I didn’t realize I’d have such lovely company tonight, otherwise I would have prepared some wines,” he joked.

She sighed exasperatedly and sat next to him.

“What are you doing down here?” she asked. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”
“Yes, I suppose I should. But shouldn’t you be asleep, as well?”

Her face flushed.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean-“
“It’s alright,” he said warmly. “I was joking. But I am curious: what are you doing up so late?”
“Couldn’t sleep”
“Ah, I see.”

Silence, silence, silence…

“I missed home,” she finally said. “It’s so quiet here and I remember Vector being so active and loud even at night and I just…needed some noise. It’s silly.”
“If it matters to you it’s never silly, milady.”

He looked at her with the most serious expression she had ever seen him dawn. She took in a breath sharply, and stared into his crystalline eyes, captivated.

“It doesn’t matter what they did to you, or what you did for them. If you have fond memories of Vector, of growing up there, of the noises of the people, of the city that make you feel welcome and safe, then that’s fine. There is nothing wrong with missing a home in which you spent your entire life. Why do you think I’m down here so late, after all?” he quirked a smile that reached his eyes, which in turn, made her smile.

“Thank you,” she said, her voice husked with unshed tears. “I just, I…”

She choked on her words while a sob threatened to escape her. Noticing this, he took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

It eased her grief. For once, she gave into her weaknesses and basked in the comfort he offered her.

The two held hands for the rest of the night in silence.


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Abstract Writing I've been doing lately~ Empty Re: Abstract Writing I've been doing lately~

Post by Nayami on Wed Sep 24, 2014 2:10 am

Love your writing style and how quickly you were able to establish the characters in such short pieces. Great stuff, please do more~

Abstract Writing I've been doing lately~ ACBadges120414

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Abstract Writing I've been doing lately~ Empty Re: Abstract Writing I've been doing lately~

Post by Dizzy on Wed Sep 24, 2014 3:06 am

Psh, your writing's better than the source material! I love the poetic style of your prose and your ability to take these characters elsewhere. Keep 'em up! I wanna see you do the impossible and give characters like Cloud, Squall and Lightning some actual character.

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Abstract Writing I've been doing lately~ Empty Re: Abstract Writing I've been doing lately~

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