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Post by Garnet on Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:07 pm

We'd all like to say a huge "HEY!" to everyone here on the site, especially to our new members.

Here's a little introduction to the current Staff Members on the site, their roles, and their skype details. Currently these have been written by Garnet, but are subject to change depending on the personal alterations of those described respectively. Feel free to add any/all of us on skype!

Dylan - Dylan is the brains behind Audio City. He's run a number of successful singing/voice acting forums in the past and decided to start a fresh and turn over a new leaf with a new place and new brand-image to go with it. Dylan is known for producing lots of exciting, fresh and interesting competition shows. He also plays a huge hand in the conception and conduction of forum-wide events such as Award shows. Dylan has also won many competition shows for both acting and singing and is well known for his excellent performance advice!
Contact Dylan about anything and everything!

Garnet - Garnet has been on Dylan's staff team for almost a year and is mostly in charge of site organization. This includes Brick design and administration, event planning and site cosmetics such as skins and forum organization. Come to her about anything to do with events, the Audio Outlet or Bricks.
Skype Name: Garnet.L.Taylor

Nayami - Nayami is our show queen! She's in charge of keeping track of currently running shows and is well known for getting involved in absolutely everything! She's an awesome, enthusiastic person and, whilst she's newer to staff, is very experienced with the forum and the workings of shows. She will also be hosting weekly game sessions! Contact her about anything show related or anything concerning weekly skype games.
Skype Name: nayami42

Dizzy - Dizzy is our head IT guy! He was the mastermind behind the forum transfer and is here to help out with any tech-based troubleshooting needs! Contact him about anything tech related!

Niipaan - Niipaan is our Community Liason! Well known for her friendly personality, she has no trouble getting along with everyone and anyone! She also will be helping out with events planning and coming up with new and exciting activities for members to participate in. Contact her about anything events or community related!

Roro - Roro is our support IT guy! He is here to help Dizzy smooth out the wrinkles in the technological world of the forums! He is also a good resource for anything community-based, as well, as you can usually find his friendly face logged on to skype! Contact him about anything tech-related or community-related.

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