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Re: The Epic Awesome Show Facebook Page

Post by zain on Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:44 am

Hey Guys I just wanted to let you all know that the Epic Awesome Show has a facebook page yay !! Right now the show is in need of assistance and can use your likes in order to bring you more awesome content for you guys to hear. So if you are not familiar with the show its basically an interview/anime podcast.

Here is a short list of people who have been interviewed on the show which include Vic Mignogna, Crispin Freeman, Kyle Hebert, Lucian Dodge, and ect.

For the podcast we usually just talk about the current events about whats going on in the world of the otaku.

The Epic Awesome Show is available on Itunes and, and Spreaker

Here is the link to the facebook page please give it a like so you can find out first with news about the show


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